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Our Environmental Policy

Life is the journey itself

For a sustainable life and a better world, we use all the possibilities of our age and constantly update our processes. We aim to control pollution risks and reduce our environmental footprint by thinking about future generations. We know that life is not the destination, but the journey itself, and we are constantly advancing with this philosophy.

Soluble small packages

We develop the smallest possible packaging for our products, keeping in mind material efficiency and sustainability. When determining the raw materials of our packaging, we prioritize their biodegradability.

Less carbon and Energy 2.0

The largest part of our carbon footprint comes from the electricity used to manufacture products. For this reason, we inspect the technologies we use in our production in terms of energy and material consumption, and make improvements to be more efficient.

We are working for the future.

In order to achieve the vision of the future set out in the Paris Agreement, companies and us, as well as all governments, have responsibilities. For this reason, we work for a better future in order to make a positive contribution to the environment in all the materials we use and in our production technologies.

We listen to your suggestions

If you have suggestions about the products and services we provide to you, the environment and our world, you can send us your suggestions easily and quickly through the channels below.

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Our Environmental Policy

We know that life is not the destination but the journey itself.

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