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Let's work together
for a better future

For 50 years, we have been providing clear vision and safe driving to millions of vehicles on all roads. We are looking for talented individuals to join our team on our journey. If you want to work with us and join our exciting team, you can fill out the contact form below.

Silbak Values

Over 50 years, we believe that reaching millions of happy customers is the main motivation for our journey. That is why we consider all kinds of feedback as part of our progress while developing our products. For a sustainable life and a better world, we use all the possibilities of our age and constantly update our productions.

Who Are We?

We work with a team of 120 people in our factory in Maltepe, Istanbul. While developing our products, we care about employee satisfaction as much as customer satisfaction. We are aware that a comfortable working environment is a part of the "Silbak Quality" that we always try to take to the next level. We are excited at every stage of production, from the zero point to the moment the customer uses it, and we are looking for people who are as excited as we are.

Advantages of Working with Us

To give you a better idea, we asked our team about the benefits we offer them:


• Peaceful work environment
• Fair labor contract
• Working directly with founders
• Transparent production processes
• International work experience

We are working for the future

In order to achieve the vision of the future set out in the Paris Agreement, companies and us have as much responsibility as all governments. For this reason, we are working for a better future in order to make a positive contribution to the environment in all the materials we use and in our production technologies.