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Our Warranty Policy

Silbak Warranty

Providing the highest quality to our customers at all times is the keystone of Silbak's philosophy. For this reason, all our products are under Silbak warranty for 2 years against manufacturing defects.

If a product under warranty has a manufacturing defect, you must return it to the place of purchase to have it repaired.

The products left for repair will be repaired as soon as possible, provided that the legal period specified in the warranty certificate is not exceeded, and if repair is not possible, it will be replaced with a new one.

If you are not sure whether your product is still under warranty, you can contact customer relations.

What Our Warranty Covers


1) The warranty period starts on the date the product is delivered to you and is 2 years.


2) The entire product, together with all its parts, is covered by our Company's warranty.


3) If the product breaks down within the warranty period, the repair period is added to the warranty period. The repair period of a product cannot exceed 20 days. This period starts on the date when the product's malfunction is notified to the service station or, in the absence of a service station, to the seller, dealer, representative, representative, importer and importer-manufacturer of the product. If the product's defect cannot be repaired within 10 days, the manufacturer or importer has to provide the consumer with a similar product to use until the repair is completed.


4) If the product fails due to material, workmanship or assembly faults within the warranty period, it will be repaired without any charge for labor cost, spare part price or any other form.


5) The product; If the same fault occurs more than twice within 1 year, or if different faults occur more than four times within the warranty period from the delivery date, or the sum of different faults is more than six within the specified warranty period.


Exceeding the time required for repair

In case the service station is not available, respectively; If it is determined by a report to be prepared by one of the seller, dealer, agency, representative, importer or manufacturer that the repair of the malfunction is not possible, a free replacement will be made.


6) The warranty period of the product replaced under warranty is the remaining warranty period of the first product purchased. The warranty period is not restarted.


7) Defects caused by use that are not in accordance with the instructions in the product's user manual are not covered by this warranty.


8) For problems that may arise regarding the warranty certificate, you can apply to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, General Directorate of Protection of Consumer and Competition.

What Our Warranty Does Not Cover

In the regulation on the principles of application of the Warranty Certificate, which entered into force in the Official Gazette as of 28 May 2014, the warranty conditions were determined by the law numbered 6502. Due to the normal use of the vehicle, mileage, geographical and climatic environmental conditions, wear and tear due to the nature of the parts are not covered by the warranty. Wiper blades are also one of the parts subject to wear. The warranty does not cover (and to the fullest extent permitted by law, we have no liability for this) any damage to a vehicle or personal injury or damage associated with the installation or use of Products - for example, damage to a car's windshield during wiper installation is not covered.

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