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Our Brand

Clear Vision, Safe Driving

We continue on our journey by developing our sector and renewing ourselves for the future. Our new brand identity is powered by our family which has raised three generations of engineers in 50 years and by the innovative approach of the automobile industry where we produce parts.


Our Logo

While designing our new logo, Mehmet Gözetlik designed a new Silbak lettering, all letters of which are unique to us. Our new emblem reflects our 50 years of experience in wiper production.


Our Colours

The Red in our logo represents Turkey, our innovative and bold brand culture. We use Silbak red with matte black, anthracite, metallic gray and complementary colors.


Our Typography

The Söhne font family, which is the foundation of our brand identity, typographically complements the unique Silbak logo and enables us to offer a holistic brand communication experience to all our customers.


Our Packaging

In our new packaging, we focus on using less plastic and replacing fossil fuel-based plastics with renewable or recycled alternatives, within the framework of our sustainability principles.

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Our Brand

Our new brand identity is based on our innovative approach.

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Our Quality Assurance

For 50 years, we have been providing clear vision and safe driving to millions of vehicles on all roads.

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Our Environmental Policy

We know that life is not the destination but the journey itself.

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