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Silbak Hybrid

Silbak Hybrid Wipers combine an aerodynamic hybrid spoiler cover with graphic coated rubbers with special alloy springs. It ensures the preservation of the original production quality in vehicles that use hybrid windshield wipers in their production.

Graphite coated rubbers

In our wiper blades, we coat our special compound rubber with graphite which we have developed with 50 years of experience. In this way, we reduce the friction between the wiper and the glass for a clean and quieter wipe.

Custom Alloy Springs

Our specially coated zinc alloy and stainless steel springs, developed by German engineering, help the wipers to apply equal pressure to the glass in all weather conditions and to achieve a similar effect on the entire surface.

Aerodynamic Hybrid Spoiler

We provide strong wiping performance even at high speeds and strong winds, thanks to the aerodynamic spoiler we have developed specifically for the Silbak Hybrid Series.

Fully compatible fitment

Silbak Hybrid wipers cover 96% of the vehicles on the market with their easily attached connection adapter options that change according to the wiper type.

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