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Wiper Care

Wiper maintenance guide
for safe driving

Wipers are one of the most important components of a safe drive. Depending on the weather conditions, they can make a very important contribution to your visibility. With the following simple tips, you can extend the life of your wipers and have a more comfortable and safe driving experience.

Keep wipers and glass surfaces clean

In rainy weather, you can clean both your wipers and your windshield with a damp cloth soaked in glass cleaning fluids before getting into your car. With a clean glass surface and clean wiper blades, you can improve your visibility and prevent scratches on your car windows.

Use the wipers on a wet surface

Wiper water forms a thin layer on the glass surface, making it easier for the wipers to move. For this reason, even if your windows are clean, you should not operate your wipers on a dry glass surface without spraying wiper water. You can check your wiper water at regular intervals. For an effective glass cleaning, you can use special wiper water mixtures prepared depending on the season.

You should remove the wipers in snowy weather

Separating your wipers from the glass surface in snowy weather prevents them from freezing and sticking to the glass. Before using your vehicle, you should clean the icing on the glass surface, if any, and then turn your wipers on. You should not clean the icing on the windshield with your car's wipers. The hard structure of the ice can cause your wiper blades to wear out quickly.

Consider the season when parking

You can extend the life of your wiper blades by parking in a suitable place that does not cause icing on the windows in cold weather, and by choosing a shaded area in hot weather. Remember, keeping your car away from extreme cold or heat ensures less wear and tear not only on your wipers but also on all parts of your car. You can minimize the negative effects of the season by using covered parking lots or specially prepared covers for your car.

You should renew the wipers at regular intervals

You can visually inspect your wiper blades, especially before you embark on a long journey or before the heavy rains of winter begin. You should replace your wipers if there is visible wear on their surface. If your wiper is no longer wiping effectively or has become noisy, this is also an indication that it is time to replace your wiper. For clear visibility and safe driving, you can write down the date you bought your wipers on a small piece of paper. It may be a good idea to replace the wipers once a year in average seasonal conditions and twice a year in harsh winter conditions.

We know that the Earth's resources are not limitless

For a sustainable life and a better environment, we use all the possibilities of our age and constantly update our productions. We know that our world's resources are not unlimited and we strive to develop high-performance products. We believe that using our wipers for the longest possible time can make a difference for future generations. Because life is not the destination, but the journey itself.

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